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Squishy Bears

Gummy Bears so special the need their own name: Squishy Bears

What makes Squishy Bears so special? Most gummy bears are polished with Carnuba Wax, the hardest wax on the planet. Squishy Bears are polished with beeswax so they start and stay softer, are more easily digested and don't stick to your teeth or dental work. Handmade with love, quality ingredients and all natural flavors. Squishy Bears come in pre-mixed flavors or can be fully customized with up to 6 flavors.

Custom Squishy Bears

Gummy bears so special they need their own name. Customize your bears by choosing up to 6 of 50+ flavors.

10 ounce  $12.50

Giant Gummy Bear

This truly Giant gummy b ear weighs in at a whopping 2 pounds and is available in 50+ flavors. Still non-GMO, still gluten-free and handmade with love.
$32 ounces  $19


All chocolates are handmade with the finest ingredients like freeze-dried cherries straight from Michigan, no preservatives or added sugar. Nut butters with no salt, added fat or sugar and all natural flavors. All Keto/Sugar-free chocolates are made with organic, stevia-sweetened Pascha bittersweet chocolate. Chocolates cups are also fully customizable.

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Handmade with Love

A Note on Packaging

I know packaging sells. Everyone likes pretty things, especially if it is a gift. But fancy packaging is costlier. It cost more to use, which makes products more expensive. It adds weight and increases shipping costs. But, by far, fancy packaging's biggest cost is to our planet. I try to keep packaging simple and have as little of an impact as possible. I firmly believe that the most eco-friendly packaging is the packaging I don't use. I sincerely hope that the quality of the product far exceeds its need for pretty packaging.


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